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  • Problem Set/Project Support
  • Test Preparation (e.g. Mid Term, Final Exams)

Don’t wait ‘till crunch time! Help your child get a jump start on your class. As Fall semester courses begin, give them what they need to get ahead, and take the initiative. Your investment is too great to risk.

Being prepared will set you apart from everyone else. Let TutorCoachPool walk you through the nuances of your course that most other tutors and your professor will not.

Basis Competition TutorCoachPool
Quality Minimal Requirements Subject Matter Experts in their subjects
Service Standard/Boilerplate Customized
Timely No Standards On time service with 48 hour notice
Trustworthy Uncertain Comradery Widely Recognized & Trusted
Pricing Unclear Transparent
Location Fixed: Either Online or Face-to-Face Flexible as needed

Quite simply, we work with you to better prepare you for business courses like corporate finance, business finance, managerial finance, healthcare finance, international finance, and financial institutions.

Tutoring for Business-related classes such as Finance and Economics has enjoyed significant growth over the last decade. Finance classes continually evolve because the underlying subject evolves in the real world. Investment banks and other financial institutions systematically bring new financial vehicles to the marketplace. This leads to finance classes including the new material in their courses. The ever-increasing amount of material covered in finance courses forces finance instructors to spending more time preparing course material, grading finance homework and finance quizzes. This results in instructors often not having time for finance students to help outside of class with finance tutoring.

TutorCoachPool helps students better prepare for their finance classes through finance tutoring. Finance tutoring usually results in a deeper understanding of their finance topics, increase grades, and less stress.