What People say

Even if you feel confident on your own, Harold’s tutoring platform at tutorcoachpool.com knows what they are doing and how to reassure you that you will pass your exams and learn to a conceptual standpoint, not just pure memorization. Harold will push you to strive for greatness, be there at any time to answer any questions (if you wanted to call and ask him a quick question – feel free! I did it all the time outside of our tutor sessions), but most importantly be there as a true friend who wants to see you succeed and help you grow both individually and intellectually. 

Harold has a very diverse knowledge base. He can teach you topics that range from Accounting, Economics, mathematics/statistical concepts, and general financial knowledge. He has passed his CFA, CPA and is well rounded in all topics. He was incredibly knowledgeable with all topics. His background is extraordinarily impressive, just check his LinkedIn for proof! This background clearly reflects on him as both a tutor and a person. 

I felt prepared on my own for this exam, but having Harold brought me organization, kept me up to date, refined old topics through random quizzing, and overall helped me remain focused, determined, confident and up to date with everything he and I saw fit.

Working with Harold allows you to create your own tutor sessions. He is malleable in the way he can help and likes to work with students/candidates in the way that you best see fit. As opposed to letting the tutor do all the work and set up each topic, you yourself can set the pace, the desired topics you would like to review, and Harold will respond accordingly, providing you with all the material and knowledge necessary to make the tutor session worthwhile. Of course, you may ask for him to set the tone for what you need, but the point is he is very flexible and open ended. 

I am writing this testimonial for Harold Hodges, founder of tutorchoachpool.com. In the fall of 2018, I was studying for the CFA Level 1 examination that took place on December 1st, 2018. While I felt capable of gaining an understanding of the material on my own, working one on one with Harold bolstered my confidence and refined the results. 

Harold, was a patient and understanding tutor. I am a Doctoral Student in Leadership and Administration and needed some guidance in my Statistics class. Harold took his time explaining the information to me so that I understood completely the logic behind the problems and answers. I recommend Harold Hodges for all of your Math, Statistics needs.


Washington, DC

When I met Harold, I just got a C in an introductory finance class, and I was about to quit the master program. Harold is a great tutor. I appreciate his honesty, dedication, and patience in helping me to learn and to do well. He had been a tutor and a coach for my second finance class. He always had some motivational things to say to keep me engaged with the subject matter. With a lot of hard work, I got an A. I would recommend his services to anyone who wants to improve their grades.


Rockville, MD