We measure our impact by your child’s success; and the number of families we can support.

High School Tutoring

COVID-19 and the disruption it has caused is new.  We, at TutorCoachPool have been providing excellent online and in-person support to students since 2012.    How are you managing your child’s education in this difficult timer?  Does your child need a little extra help with subjects like math, reading fluency, or comprehension skills? What about algebra, biology, or calculus? In addition to subject-matter tutoring, we also offer academic/executive coaching to work on skills like organization, time management, and learning style optimization.  The personal coaching lessons are often about rebuilding your self-confidence and finding a good learning rhythm

TCP staff engages with empathy and concern for every student to ensure that every student has the best chance for success.  Subject-matter experts, our tutors encourage student-clients to become independent learners in mastering their respective subjects.

Whether they come to their sessions with specific assignments or empty-handed, our students gain academic ground and progress.

We have been providing high-quality online tutoring since 2012.  We focus on the skills your child needs to academically succeed.


Meet Specific Student Need Improve Academic Performance Help Overcome Obstacles
TCP can learn your student’s specific learning style.  Most teachers cannot TCP will help explain concepts, and prepare your child to succeed on critical assignments By providing study strategies, we will empower the student to find the best way to overcome their obstacles.